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Baby steps of social media optimization

We all know of the campaigns gone viral by Dove, Old Spice, and WestJet, but we also know of the ones by companies and individuals like Dollar Shave Club and Jenna Marbles’ “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.”

The rise to fame had more to do with than just the company logo and brand. Products or personalities were marketed to key target audiences that shared the campaign elements through social media and opened up a larger target market across the Internet. Or, in Jenna Marbles’ case, the magic of sharing based mainly on interest and fascination with her original video caught the attention of many.

Though not every post, video, or blog will reach millions of new potential customers, it is important to keep your voice heard in the vast economy of the World Wide Web.

The more you post on your website and the main social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the more chances you have of being liked, followed, or shared. When you don’t have content, you can’t execute social media management because there is nothing to manage.

Though it may seem tacky or like you are following the crowd, it’s better to start on platforms with a big following that your potential and current clients are familiar with. It may feel like you are giving into the system by setting up posts through Hootsuite, but in a world where you are competing against other businesses for their spot in a customer’s life, it is worth the time and risk to at least make yourself known and not exist in the shadows. The Internet doesn’t take kindly to shadows, and does nothing to increase your search engine optimization.

Some elements that often set you apart from competitors are producing high quality, witty content, often with the assistance of marketing or digital creation agencies. However, if you aren’t interested in focusing your financial efforts in content creation just yet, you can make your passion come through by making your own videos, posting relevant and interesting material that you are already working on, or sharing media that is rich in your subject matter.

If you don’t get the following you desire right away, don’t worry: these things take time! Some of your posts will flop and that’s okay. Keep putting in the effort and content to make your company heard. If you still aren’t getting the results you need a few months down the road, it’s time to reach out a helping hand and talk to the professionals.

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